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HHC 3000 Software Features

Our new Control Board allows immediate access to all patient information in real time for any Administrator or employee with the proper security. This approach allows the employee to view/change such things as schedules, visits calendars, Oasis, H485’s, Vitals for the patient, Pain, Immunizations, Risk, Review Orders, notes, discharges etc. This feature increases productivity by allowing the employee to move around within one screen and see or do everything thing they need to for the patient.

Clinical Documentation that includes Oasis, SN, PT, OT, ST, MSW, Supervisory, Homemaker, Home Health Aide, Hospice, Pediatric.

Non-Oasis Assessment Documentation includes: Therapy, OT, General Assessment, Pediatric, HHA care plan & Personal Care Aide care plan.

On the fly from the field employees can create: A Quick Schedule, Physician Order, Progress Note, Communication note or even an Authorization Request.

At a glance, Administrators or employees with proper security credentials can have access to our exclusive OASIS SCOREBOARD which Includes: Clinical Diagnosis
Group Points Summary/Actual compared to Possible, Diagnosis Responses Summary/Actual compared to Possible, Clinical Points Summary/Actual compared to possible, Functional Point Summary/Actual compared to Possible, Therapy Point Summary, Non Routine Supplies Summary/Actual compared to Possible, HIPPS Code etc..

Employees have access to an Interoffice Messaging System called Notifications so critical messages between field staff and the office don’t get overlooked.

Optional Medications database available which includes interactions and allergies checker.

Physician Pecos file updater within the software.

Electronic signatures/approvals by employees for patient documents & electronic patient signatures for visits.

“I/O” In/Out feature allows Administrators to track employees’ time in and out of patient documents for critical Auditing purposes.

Scanning/Attachments capability throughout the software.

Medicare Eligibility check & CAHPS survey export.

Multiple telephony interfaces.

Optional Oasis scrubbing through PPS Plus & SHP interfaces.

Human resource component that is user-defined and includes unlimited tracking such as: CPR trainings, Licensing renewals, car insurance renewals etc. A recently added feature called Employee Attendance Category allows the ability to track Vacation time, Personal time & Sick time.

Patient Status/Billing - Track current patient census by office, payor etc. and real time inaccuracies check for billing. Review possible time billing errors and track late
notice of elections to prevent non covered days, so agencies can capture revenue for all services provided.


A Powerful and Flexible Billing component that includes a variety of insurance sources, clearing houses & private pay such as:

  1. Ability
  2. Area Agency on Aging
  3. Availity (NHIC professional acute care, professional long term, institutional acute care)
  4. DMAS
  5. Health Partners
  6. Highmark Blue Cross/Blue Shield (central & western)
  7. Humana (professional & institutional)
  8. Medicare Part A (non-pps professional & institutional)
  9. Medicare Part B (professional, institutional, outpatient therapy, trailblazer)
  10. Medicare Hospice
  11. Medicaid for multi-states (professional, institutional, unisys)
  12. Passport
  13. Thin EDI (professional & institutional)
  14. VA
  15. Waiver
  16. Web MD, Emdeon (professional & institutional)

Ability to set-up multiple insurance companies with multiple rates for each service your agency provides. This includes the flexibility to create Billing/Payroll tier rates based upon the actual time spent in the patients’ home.

Create all billings/invoices within one area of the software for any insurance company and for any time period. Automatically update Accounts Receivable when a bill is generated or create a Co Pay/Balance transfer to another insurance company for rebilling.

Integrated Accounts Receivable makes it simple to apply payments through either Electronic Remittance or by selecting the patient and applying the payment to that invoice.

Create Billing/Accounts Receivable Reports such as:

  1. Possible billing errors report
  2. Invoice listing
  3. Payment/Write-off listings
  4. Aging Report
  5. Authorizations Status Profitability
  6. PPS Aging/Visits report
  7. A/R Reconciliation
  8. Visits Billed/Not Billed listing
  9. Visits Paid/Not Paid listing
  10. Patient Review, Re-Bill/Hold Listing, etc.

PPS Reports include:

  1. Authorizations Status Profitability report
  2. PPS Assessment listing
  3. PPS Billing listing
  4. PPS Status report
  5. PPS Therapy tracking
  6. PPS Lupa Alert
  7. PPS Deferred Income/Distribution by day
  8. PPS# of Episodes
  9. PPS Cert Period Dates Review
  10. PPS Compare

Automatically create PPS Calculation Sheet which includes:

  1. HHRG Score
  2. HIPPS Code
  3. PPS “RAP” amount & Net Margin Estimate for Episode.


  1. Payroll Register, Summary & Check listing
  2. Payroll Preview
  3. Payroll Hours Worked by Payroll category
  4. Payroll Distribution by Employee/Summary report
  5. Employee Earnings Register & Employee Paystubs
  6. Payroll Direct Margin Report
  7. Payroll Gross, Overtime & Mileage report
  8. Employee Mileage Register

Listings/Reporting include:

  1. Workers Compensation listing
  2. W4/Payroll Masters/Pay rate listing
  3. Employee Seniority/Base rate listing
  4. Employee New Hires & Terminations
  5. Patient/Employer Tax ID listing
  6. 941 Liability report
  7. State Unemployment
  8. State, School, Local TSA TEI Deductions listing
  9. 940 Liability report
  10. Local Withholding Register
  11. 941R listing
  12. W2’s
  13. 1099’s and more!

General Ledger includes the ability to create All of your transactions from within One screen and includes:

  1. Accounting code listing
  2. Vendor listing & history
  3. Vendor Payments history & summary
  4. Open Payables listing
  5. Check listing
  6. Account Register & Reconciliation report
  7. Transaction listing
  8. Trial Balance & listing
  9. Profit & Loss and includes Month, YTD & Prior
  10. Balance Sheet
  11. 1099’s and more!


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