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powerful HHC 3000 Internet-Based Managed Hosting option

Check out our powerful HHC 3000 Internet-Based Managed Hosting option. Use a laptop, notebook, tablet, etc.. This allows complete mobility for an agency to access critical patient data, scheduling, human resource information, Billing/Accounts Receivable and even a completely integrated Payroll/G. Ledger.

By the way, all of these features are found in our standard software package!We still provide agencies the option to have their own server based version of the HHC 3000 software as well. For 25 years, Allegheny Software has been meeting the needs of Home Health Care Agencies across the country and our company remains resolute in providing a very affordable product for this ever-changing industry.


Focus on Patient care and eliminate paperwork with our proven Internet-Based HHC 3000 program. Clinician’s can enjoy being able to review critical historical documentation of the patient ie. Patient Vitals, Medication history, Pain, Diagnosis, Integumentary, CHF, CardioVascular, H485 Goals, Orders review, HHA Care plan & other visit information etc., while working on current documentation. This feature has proven to save tremendous time for agencies’ field staff & office employees as well.

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